They weren’t lying about the suitcase! Blog On X #BlogOnXGoodyBags

When you go to Blog On for the first time everyone tells you not to forget your suitcase. I guess it probably seems like some strange in joke or something. The whole idea of turning up somewhere with a large empty suitcase probably just sounds plain odd. But, trust me, it’s exactly what you need.

Blog On BlogOnXGoodyBags

Blog On is a conference run by bloggers for bloggers. As a result I think it’s one of the best blogging conferences out there.

As well as an excellent mix of sessions on technical and creative subjects, at Blog On you also have a brilliant “Brand Den”. Here you find top brands who work with, or want to work with, bloggers are available to network with. Some come with freebies, some with samples for bloggers to feature in reviews, and some just come to have a chat. Every time I go away with a list of people to contact after the event and a notebook packed full of ideas and inspiration.

What’s in the goody bag?

I’ve blogged before (over on my old blog) about what to take to Blog On, but here’s a look at what you got to bring home from Blog On X.

Bonn and I are staying an extra night in Salford, so hot footed it back to our hotel room and decided to open our Goody Bags on camera. We hadn’t even had a sneak peak before this, so it’s very much a “live un-bagging” experience.

There are some great goodies in there, and a few things that made me realise just how out of touch I am with kids collectables! I’m totally expecting the kids to stake claim to quite a lot of the contents, and might have to hide a few things away in a separate part of the suitcase before our journey south. The chocolate and wine from the Co-op definitely belong to the adults though!

Huge thanks to Laura and the Blog On team for putting on another amazing conference. Thanks also to all the brands and speakers. Roll on Blog On XI. We’ll be booking tickets and a hotel just as soon as the date is confirmed.

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