Improving underwater confidence with Zoggs

I’m a firm believer in children learning to swim. It’s just a life skill that all kids should have. That’s why I’ve always insisted in Little Miss C and Master C attending swimming lessons – even those weeks when it’s cold and seems like more hassle than it’s worth to get there in time. They attend weekly lessons at the local pool and each week put on their coloured hats complete with Zoggs logo on the side.

I’ve written before about how my opinions of Zoggs have been changed over the last year – and I certainly no longer look at them as just a logo on a swim hat. The last year has also seem both kids come on in leaps and bounds in the pool. Master C is already up to ASA Stage 3 and LMC spends her half an hour doing lengths of the 25m pool in Stage 6.

I’m incredibly proud of both of them, but it has made that half hour of “fun swimming” that we all do together around their lesson a bit more challenging for me. Their confidence levels are such that they want to be all over the place and under the water as much as possible. With my changed (and changing weekly) buoyancy status(!) it’s getting a bit harder to keep up with them. Luckily Zoggs have come to the rescue once more.

I’m keen to keep encouraging them in the water – especially when it comes to going underwater. Master C might have bit of a way to go in terms of refining his swimming strokes, but I’m keep to capture the enthusiasm he has right now. I saw another family in the pool using a set of Zoggs Dive Sticks and had one of those lightbulb moments about how perfect they would be for us right now.

Zoggs dive stick dive rings

Thanks to Zoggs the last few weeks I’ve gone to the pool with a bag full of their dive sticks and dive rings and it has totally changed how the kids use that family swimming time we have together. I always like that precious time in the pool together (away from distractions) and they have made it even better.

We now spend our time with me coming up with various competitions and challenged for the kids to do with the dive toys. It might be something like “find me a ring and a stick of a matching colour” and then I throw everything into the water in different directions. The kids then love going off to see who can complete the challenge first. There’s a great competitive spirit between them, and all the time they’re also improving their underwater swimming.

Zoggs wonder woman swimming costume dive sticks

As for the toys themselves – they’re lovely bright colours, very tactile and the quality that you know and expect from Zoggs. For slightly older kids who need a little bit more stimulation and motivation when swimming for fun they’re perfect. Each toy has holes in specific places so that when in the water they fill with it, and then sink to the bottom of the pool. When you take them out the water then pours back out of the holes again.

Zoggs Wonder Woman swimming costume

If new swimming toys wasn’t enough LMC has also decided that now that she’s in Stage 6 it’s time for a slightly more grown up swimming costume. Zoggs to the rescue once again with their amazing Wonder Woman swimming costume. It has to be one of the coolest costumes I’ve ever seen, as well as being perfectly practical for all the swimming that she’s doing. My only complaint is that they haven’t made one yet in maternity sizes! I’m pretty sure everyone in my aquanatal class would have one if they could.

Disclaimer: We were sent the Zoggs products featured in this post. All opinions remain my own. This post contains affiliate links.

Monstrous Children’s Festival – A Festival Experience for the Whole Family

Last weekend saw us head off with the kids to Little Miss C’s school fair. It was the hottest day of the year. Various school dads had formed a band and were playing some cheesy classics. Some mums had set up a pop-up “pub” on the school playground and all the kids were having a ball. There were pony rides, the usual assortment of stalls and an inflatable maze that all three kids loved. The obstacle course was all Master C talked about the next day. I therefore think his mind is going to be totally blown when I tell him about the 272m long inflatable obstacle course that he’s going to see at the Monstrous festival in the summer!Monstrous Children Festival

The World’s Largest Inflatable Obstacle Course

Yep, you read that right – 272m. That makes it the world’s largest inflatable obstacle course. I don’t know about you, but I find that totally mind boggling! And that’s just one thing at an event with over seven fantasy worlds jam-packed with live shows and amazing experiences. It really sounds like Monstrous is going to be Monstrously good.

Monstrous Children Festival inflatable

Looking at the details of what is on it sounds like something that really will be perfect for the whole family. For Master C, as well as the inflatable obstacle course,m Monstrous also has the Soccer School Zone hosted by the Chelsea FC Foundation team. He’s been loving his after school football club, and asking to learn more skills, so this should be great for him.


LMC and her 13 year old step-sister are both unicorn obsessed. Totally obsessed. I’m therefore expecting Prince, Princess & Unicorn Land to be where they head to. There’s a promise of Unicorns, Mermaids, Disney Princess walkabout characters, dressing up and selfie zones, singalong booths and more. I don’t normally apply gender stereotypes to my kids, but let’s be honest, it’s going to be girly heaven. Although possibly a little bit too pink for Master C’s liking.

Arcade Alley

Arcade Alley is probably the zone that I’m most excited about visiting. Bonn and I love classic computer games and with over 1000 classic console favourites, as well as animation studios and Virtual Reality booths, I’m guessing the whole family will be kept rather busy there. I think Bonn is also probably looking forward to showing his daughter the sort of games that we were all convinced were cutting edge and utterly amazing when we were younger.

For younger visitors

Monstrous Children Festival disco

That’s not everything though. There will also be a disco for the kids, a mini theme park, arts and crafts workshops, a petting zoo and even an urban beach. For the youngest festival goers, there will also be a Baby Garden, designed for those aged 4 and under. This will give them somewhere to chill out with baby sensory, messy soft play and story time. Really something for the whole family!

When, where and how do you buy tickets?

Monstrous takes place on Sunday 29th July 2018, at Printworks London, less than five minutes walk from the nearest underground and overground stations. Tickets for Monstrous are available now and you can find out more, as well as buy tickets, over on their website.

Disclaimer: Our family will be attending the Monstrous Festival as guests. No other compensation has been received from this post. All opinions remain my own.