Pregnancy Diary – Week 22

The weeks seem to be rushing past in this pregnancy. When it was all still a big secret in the first trimester it felt like time was dragging, but now that we’re past that point things are going so fast. Before I know it there will be a baby here! Guess I’d better start getting organised…

If anything though, I’ve done absolutely nothing over the last week that can even vaguely count towards getting organised. There’s been a lot of dull practical “life admin” like getting the exhaust fixed on my car and spending ages trying to find a garage with enough gas to re-gas my air conditioning. Really thrilling!

I also found time to take Little Miss C to her first pool party – Brownies end of year celebrations have certainly moved on from the church hall disco of my youth.


The lovely Bonn and I also found time for a bit of a mini-holiday. Emphasis on the word mini. We were out of the country for less than 36 hours, but we still somehow managed to have a great time and feel like we’d properly had a break. I realise that I’m not going to be able to fly for much longer so I took advantage of him having a work job over in Ireland to squeeze in a quick trip to Dublin.

Dublin’s a city that we’ve been back to several times over the last year and we’ve made it very much our own. In particular we happened upon a lively little tapas restaurant there on one of our first visits and now we just have to keep going back. Normally we only get chance to squeeze in a quick lunch before rushing back to the airport. This time though we had an overnight stay and a proper dinner out. A rare thing!

Pregnancy Diary Week 22 Dublin

The next day even allowed uptime to be proper tourists. After a trip round Tower Records (honestly we only went in so I could use the loo, yet came out with some vinyl!) we hopped on an opened topped tourist bus. They may seem like a bit of a naff thing to some, but when you want to be a tourist and can’t walk far they’re the perfect solution.


It’s my 40th next week so we decided to make it into a proper birthday meal out – knowing that my real birthday will become somewhat lost in a flurry of kids related activities. It was lovely to just for once get the chance to properly relax and enjoy the moment (and the excellent food) rather than rushing off somewhere. If you’re ever in Dublin I definitely recommend finding The Port House Pintxo. Just don’t tell everyone. We kind of like it being our little secret out there.

Bekonscot Model Village

We finished the week with a. trip to Bekonscot Model Village. We’ve visited loads of times before, but this was the first time Bonn had been and Master C in particular was very keen to show him the trains there. Little Miss C actually went on a school trip a couple of weeks ago, but felt that she hadn’t got to see everything she wanted, so was more than happy to return.

Pregnancy Diary Week 22 Bekonscot

I was also keen as I’d seen some tweets about a new section to the village and I was excited about seeing the village’s first underground station and funicular which had officially opened only a few days before.

It’s far to say we had an absolute blast. Trying to bend down to see some of the details is a tad tricky with a bit of a bump though! Look out for a full review soon over on Penny Travels.

Tots 100 Pregnancy Round Up

It’s not only been a week of days out and travel though. In between there has been plenty of work and also pulling together the latest Tots 100 Pregnancy Round Up. It’s live over on the Tots site if you want to go and have a read.