A clean slate

This is a slightly harder post to write than I imagined it to be. I can’t really put the last year into words, but the one thing that I know I have to do, is find a new blogging home. I’m not Mrs C any more and so it seemed wrong to write about being someone that I wasn’t.

Despite everything that has happened, there are so many good things in life right now and I want to document and share them. I want to write about the new family home that I’m hoping to move to soon. I want to share photographs of all the crafting I’m doing, and all the projects I’m planning for our new home. I want to share my excitement about moving to the countryside and everything that entails. I want to write about the footpaths we discover and the places we find to share a flask of tea in. I just want to write about being me again.

I’m hoping that this new blog is exactly where I’m going to do that. Over the last couple of years, necessity has meant that Being Mrs C became something to help me earn a living. I want to go back to blogging for me. So what I’ve done is split up where I’m going to be online with what I think a professional would call “a portfolio of sites”. I’ll be jumping between them somewhat, but Penny Blogs is going to be the place where I stick to being me. To writing about the things I love and my life. I’m sure I’ll be linking out to the other sites when it is appropriate to do so, especially when posts there are about vintage finds or travel adventures. But here I’m going to keep it personal. No planned reviews or sponsored posts (they’ll be elsewhere).

Back to Being Penny. Drinking tea, reading, a spot of crochet and writing about what makes me smile.

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